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Free resource during COVID-19 pandemic to ensure individuals are able to successfully work from home. COVID-19 spreads easily through contact and droplet contamination. Help flatten the curve by practicing social distancing and by working from home to limit your exposure. Use this checklist to ensure you have the infrastructure in place to succeed in your new home office.

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check Set morning alarm to your usual wake-up time.
check Prepare work day lunch and snacks in advance.
check Dress as though you are going to the office.
check Pick a dedicated, quiet, and distraction-free space to work from.
check Ensure you are getting enough natural light.
check Keep your household temperature at 21 Celsius or 69 Fahrenheit.
check Test your wifi connection - tether from your phone if needed.
check Adhere to your standard office hours.
check Maintain a routine and take scheduled breaks.
check Book meetings, schedule times in your calendar for specific projects or tasks.
check Avoid distractions. Don’t work in front of the TV or in bed.
check Avoid doing chores during the work day - e.g laundry, dishes, cleaning.
check Schedule regular daily video calls with colleagues - embrace the webcam. (Try using Zoom, Slack, Skype)
check Play ambient music or white noise to help you stay focused. (Try Noisli or Spotify)
check Set boundaries with family or friends that are also at home.
check Get fresh air once a day, it’ll help you refocus.
check Ask for help if you get stuck.