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Restaurant Inspection Form


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Checklist Sections

67 Questions
Restaurant & Food Operations 14 Questions
check Kitchen waste materials stored in metal containers with tight-fitting lids
check Kitchen waste materials are kept in designated areas
check Operable automatic dry-chemical extinguishing system in hood and duct above ranges, grills and fat fryers
check Extinguishing heads capped to prevent a cooking buildup
check Extinguishing system's manual pull switches located away from cooking equipment
check Extinguishing system(s) has a semi-annual service contract with qualified firm
check Fuel supply for cooking equipment has an automatic shut-off valve when extinguishing system activates
check Deep-fat fryer units controlled and provided with high-temperature shut-offs; overflow gutters provided
check Filters in exhaust system(s) cleaned at least daily
check Exhaust system(s) cleaned at least quarterly by qualified service contractor
check Floors adjacent to soft-drink syrup tanks cleaned regularly
check Floors around sink mopped dry
check Knives placed in sheaths when not in use
check Proper guards in place and used with meat-slicing machines
Food Handling Practices 3 Questions
check Perishable or potentially hazardous foods properly stored and held at the correct temperature
check Cutting boards washed and sanitized whenever the use switches between raw food and cooked or ready-to-serve food
check Employees wash hands after wiping tables and busing soiled dishes, before handling place-settings and serving food
Fire Protection & Prevention 12 Questions
check Proper number and type(s) of fire extinguishers, charged and tagged to show last service date
check Fire extinguishers properly wall-mounted, identified and adequately accessible for hazard involved
check Employees trained in proper use of extinguishers and manual operation of dry-chemical system protecting cooking equipment
check Sprinkler system control valves secured in open position
check Minimum of 18 inches clearance between stock storage and sprinkler heads
check Clear space of three feet around sprinkler system's main control valve
check Water pressure indicated on sprinkler systems lower gauge
check Sprinkler system(s) periodically tested and maintained; written records kept on premises?
check Employees instructed in evacuation procedures for both customers employees
check Instructions prominently posted for reporting fire and calling Fire Department
check Flammable and combustible liquids (paints, solvents, etc.) stored in metal safety cabinets or off premises
check Storage of combustibles not permitted within 30 feet of boilers, furnaces, or other heat source
Electrical Equipment 4 Questions
check All electrical equipment properly grounded, portable electrical equipment and extension cords have a ground prong
check Break switches properly marked
check Electrical panel boxes have doors closed, clear area of 30 inches in front of boxes
check Switches, switch boxes, outlets and wiring inspected periodically and deficiencies corrected
Storage Areas 3 Questions
check Stock properly and securely stacked; stored on racks, shelves,or pallets
check Good housekeeping maintained, aisles clear, storage room orderly, floors free of debris, storage has proper clearances from hot-water heater and sprinklers
check Shelving and racks in good repair and secured to avoid tipping
Cold-Storage & Refridgeration 4 Questions
check Refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors clean, well ventilated, kept clear of combustibles
check Walk-in cooler and freezer doors provided with operable interior-release mechanisms, alarm system, and axe
check When restocking, new stock placed at rear and old stock moved up front for use
check Recommended holding times for food followed
Floors & Walking Surfaces 6 Questions
check Floor free from food spillage, silverware, broken glassware, loose mats, torn carpets or other hazards
check Portable signs indicate we-mopped floors or temporary hazards
check Stair treads equipped with abrasive strips or other nonskid surface
check Outdoor walkways checked frequently for tripping hazards; repairs made promptly
check Indoor-outdoor carpeting or other type of mat provided at entrance doors in inclement weather
check Changes in interior elevations properly illuminated
Exits 3 Questions
check Exits properly marked, illuminated and obstructed; doors kept unlocked during hours of operations or equipped with panic bars
check Non-exit doors (to rest room area, kitchen, closets, etc.) identified properly
check Secure handrails on all stairs and steps
Exterior Areas 6 Questions
check Paths and parking lots well illuminated
check Steps, ramps, grounds in good repair
check Parking lot is in good repair, free of holes or obstruction, well illuminated
check Snow and ice promptly removed from parking lot and all walkway surfaces, when necessary
check Snow and ice promptly removed from lot/walkway as needed
check Car stops (bumper strips) painted contrasting colors so they are clearly visible
General Safe Practices 6 Questions
check Pest control services performed by a licensed, independent extermination contractor (approved for use in food establishments)
check Heimlich Maneuver posters in plain view; employees trained, where required by law
check Full equipped first-aid kit available at all times
check Certificates of insurance required from all servicing contractors and suppliers
check Emergency telephone numbers for police and emergency medical services prominently posted
check Dishes and utensils taken out of service and discarded when chipped, cracked, or broken
Crime 6 Questions
check Cash registers emptied and left open during non-operating hours
check Cash drawers skimmed frequently to reduce the cash in each drawer
check Bank deposits made at least twice daily with varying times and routes
check Combination to safe changed after turnover of money-handling personnel
check Back door equipped with a panic lock so it can be kept locked at all times, equipped with hinge pins
check Cash register tallies checked against deposits daily; other checks used to detect employee dishonesty