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Owners and management can't be at every location. With a proper cleaning checklist, gym and athletic facilities will be covered from every angle to ensure customer cleanliness, safety, and an accident free environment.

Checklist Sections

55 Questions
Gym Floor 9 Questions
check Weight machines disinfected and wiped down
check Cardio Equipment disinfected and wiped down
check Free Weights cleaned
check Free Weights returned to appropriate storage location
check Exercise Mats wiped down
check Cleaning Supplies Available for Machine Wipe down
check Paper towel dispensers re-filled
check Trash emptied
check Trash bags replaced
Restrooms 11 Questions
check Toilet bowls/urinals disinfected using toilet brush
check Outsite/base of toilet disinfected
check Stall doors cleaned on inside & outside
check Water basin (including base under sink) cleaned
check Mirrors cleaned
check Trash emptied (including sanitary napkin bins)
check Trash bags replaced
check Rugs shaken and cleaned
check Tile floors mopped
check Paper towel dispensers re-filled
check Toilet paper replaced and restocked
Water Fountains 2 Questions
check Fountains cleaned and disinfected
check Walls around fountains cleaned
Windows/Glass Areas 8 Questions
check Front door inside and outside (including metal frames) cleaned
check Blinds (and back of blinds) cleaned
check Ledges under the blinds cleaned
check Vending machines cleaned
check Televisions cleaned
check Inside of windows upstairs cleaned
check Trophy case cleaned
check Mirrors Cleaned
Dusting 6 Questions
check TV stands
check Tables
check Racks and shelves
check Picture frames
check Items on walls
check Offices
Disinfecting 6 Questions
check Working counter (desk) in all offices
check Safety signs in the building
check Bleachers
check Tile floors
check Stair banisters and railings
check Chairs in offices
Floors 6 Questions
check Waiting room
check Main lobby
check Offices
check Stairs
check Viewing area
check Entrance rugs
Misc. 7 Questions
check Clothes emptied
check Rooms organized
check Pictures straighened
check Chairs straightened and organized
check Trash cans emptied
check Outlets have safety plugs
check Utility room organized