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Food Safety Checklist


Food safety is a top priority for all businesses in the food service industry. Use food safety inspections to ensure your teams are following the proper procedures and preventative measures to avoid contamination and other health and safety risks.

Checklist Sections

14 Questions
Main Section 14 Questions
check Employee uniform clean
check Effective hair restraints
check Fingernail and jewellery policy adhered to
check Hands washed properly
check Open wounds are covered, and proper use of gloves being performed
check Employees appear to be in good health
check No personal items/drinks/food in prep area
check Hand wash sinks clean, well stocked and not obstructed
check Refrigeration/freezer clean and in good condition
check Equipment and utensils are washed, rinsed, and sanitized, and in good condition
check Floor and walls clean and in good condition
check All food dated and labelled
check Food, packaging, equipment , utensils not contaminated
check Records, logs, checklists complete