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Rental Return Checklist


When renting out items for public use at a time with a heavy need for cleanliness and personal safety, additional precautions should be taken and rolled out for both personal safety and the safety of those renting from you. Use this form to ensure everything is properly cleaned, disinfected, and functional for a rental return and to provide security to those renting from you that the proper precautions for cleanliness and functionality are taken.

Checklist Sections

16 Questions
Return 5 Questions
short_text Template Instructions
check Item was returned via touchless return.
short_text Attention.
check Item was returned in original packaging (same packaging as rented out).
check Packaging is in good repair.
Cleaning 8 Questions
question_answer Type of item being returned:
check Item surface washed with a general household cleaner.
check Item surface rinsed with water.
check Internal parts or components washed.
check Item surface disinfected with an approved disinfectant agent.
check Item surface has detergent, bleach, and water solution applied.
check Items washed using the warmest water possible based on care instructions.
check Surfaces the returned item touched were cleaned and disinfected.
Storage 3 Questions
check Item was returned whole and with all pieces included as rented out.
check Instructions are included with item.
check Item is stored in original packaging.