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Home delivery protocols have changed with the current situation in the world. This checklist will provide delivery personnel and drivers with a record to track each delivery and ensure they are tracking their risk exposure.

Checklist Sections

16 Questions
Delivery Details 6 Questions
check Did you safe drop the delivery package?
question_answer Where was packaged delivered?
question_answer Why was package not safe dropped?
crop_7_5 Other for not safe dropping:
check Package is protected from weather.
check Rang doorbell (or buzzed unit) to alert package had arrived.
Payment 4 Questions
check Payment was not required at the door
check I was able to provide a no-contact payment method for delivery.
check Signature was not required at the door
question_answer How was signature obtained?
Sanitation & Safety 6 Questions
check I was able to avoid all contact with another individual during this delivery.
check I wore a mask during contact.
check I wore gloves during this contact.
check I cleaned my hands based on approved protocol after this delivery.
question_answer Identify which surfaces were touched while completing delivery:
check After delivery, I wiped down the vehicle based on cleaning regulations