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Pandemic Response Checklist - Protection of Staff Health


This Pandemic Response Checklist has been built in partnership with Intouch Insight and We Work Remotely.

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check Find up-to-date, reliable pandemic information from community public health, emergency management and other sources and make sustainable links. (Maintain bulletin board information as current).
check Implement guidelines to modify the frequency and type of face-to-face contact (e.g. hand-shaking, seating in meetings, office layout, shared workstations) among employees and between employees and customers.
check Evaluate employee access to and availability of occupational and mental health and social services during a pandemic, including corporate, community, and faith-based resources, and improve services as needed. (Post location of services available from city emergency website)
check Identify employees and key customers with special needs and incorporate the requirements of such persons into your preparedness plan. Implement a separate Guest Register. (Manual list with special needs).
check Establish policies for preventing spread at the worksite (e.g. promoting respiratory hygiene/ cough etiquette, and prompt exclusion of people with symptoms). Increase awareness.
check Provide sufficient and accessible infection control supplies (e.g. hand-hygiene products, tissues and receptacles for their disposal) in all business locations. Assemble requirements, monitor inventory.
check Develop and disseminate programs and materials covering pandemic fundamentals (e.g. signs and symptoms, modes of transmission), personal and family protection and response strategies (e.g. hand hygiene, coughing/sneezing etiquette, contingency plans).
check Anticipate employee fear and anxiety, rumors and misinformation and plan communications accordingly.
check Provide information for the at-home care of ill employees and family members.