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Pandemic Response Checklist - Communications & Knowledge Management


This Pandemic Response Checklist has been built in partnership with Intouch Insight and We Work Remotely.

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check Establish an emergency communications plan and revise periodically. This plan includes identification of key contacts (with back-ups), chain of communications (including suppliers and customers), and processes of tracking and communicating business and employee status.
check Enhance communications and information technology infrastructure as needed to support employee telecommuting and remote customer access.
check Disseminate information to employees about your pandemic preparedness and response plan.
check Develop platforms (e.g. hotlines, dedicated websites) for communicating pandemic status and actions to employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers inside and outside the worksite in a consistent and timely way, including redundancies in the emergency contact system. Update employee contact information
check Identify community sources for timely and accurate pandemic information (domestic and international) and resources for obtaining counter-measures
check "Collaborate with federal, provincial and local public health agencies and/or emergency responders to participate in their planning processes, share your pandemic plans and understand their capabilities and plans. Communicate with local and/or provincial public health agencies and/or emergency responders about the assets and/or services your business could contribute to the community."
check Share best practices with other businesses in your communities, chambers of commerce, and safe workplace associations to improve community response efforts.
check Develop good habits and prepare a check list of hard surface and public areas that need to be sanitized frequently. i.e. door handles, elevator buttons, stair railings.
check Update employee emergency contact list including e-mail addresses (maintain had copy and electronic).