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Pandemic Response Checklist - Plan for Large Absence


This Pandemic Response Checklist has been built in partnership with Intouch Insight and We Work Remotely.

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check Plan for and allow the absence of employees during the pandemic for factors such as personal illness, illness of a family member, community containment and quarantine measures, school / business closings, and stopping of public transportation.
check Develop non-repressive and permissive policies for employee compensation and sick leave unique to a pandemic, including policies for previously ill people who are no longer contagious and who can return to work after illness (use policies already established ).
check Establish policies for flexible worksite (e.g. telecommuting) and flexible work hours (e.g. staggered shifts).
check Establish policies for employees who have been exposed to COVID 19, are suspected to be ill or become ill at the worksite (e.g. infection control response, immediate mandatory sick leave).