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Hotel Room Snack Inventory Form


Ensure the hotel's mini-fridge and snack bar provides the right guest amenities by trying our free mobile mini fridge inventory inspection form. Inspect the mini fridge to ensure it is stocked with the right number of products for guests. Use the data to restock inventory items as well as spot issues with the refrigerator unit.

Checklist Sections

15 Questions
Room Information 2 Questions
looks_one Room Number
crop_7_5 Inspector's Name
Default Items 6 Questions
looks_one Number of Waters
looks_one Number of Sodas
looks_one Number of beers
looks_one Number of snack foods (nuts/pretzels/etc.)
looks_one Number of candy bars
looks_one Number of candy packages
Counts 5 Questions
looks_one Total Number of Items Usually In Fridge
looks_one Number of Items Missing
crop_7_5 Item To Be Replaced
crop_7_5 Item To Be Replaced
crop_7_5 Item To Be Replaced
Misc 2 Questions
crop_7_5 Any New Damage To Fridge
crop_7_5 Comments