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Grocery Store Opening Form


With customer experience king, ensuring that your store is hitting basic corporate standards prior to opening has never been so important to you. It's important to monitor your locations on an ongoing basis to catch issues before they become trends. Use this store opening form to verify that your grocery staff are following the daily procedures needed to uphold your chain's standards and keep your store running smoothly.

Checklist Sections

20 Questions
exterior 5 Questions
check Store exterior looks secure and undamaged
check Parking lot is clean and clear of debris
check Store Walkway/Sidewalk is clean and clear of debris
check Store hours are clearly posted
check Store Hours are undamaged
Front of Store 8 Questions
check Cash Registers were all off at opening
check All Cash Registers turn on and are in working order
check Receipt rolls are loaded in all cashes
check Cash Register printers are functioning correctly
check POS systems are functioning correctly
check POS paper roll is loaded and ready for business
check Cash area is clean and clear of debris
check All cashes have bags stocked and ready for opening
General 7 Questions
check PA System is functioning correctly
check Cash Phones are fully functional
check Sale Tags are printed and ready for posting (if applicable)
check Marketing signs and sandwich boards are put on display
check Store Temperature is within acceptable range
check Music is functional and streaming properly
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