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Safety & Security Checklist


This store level safety & security audit is a perfect monthly check.

Checklist Sections

17 Questions
Outside Store 3 Questions
check Is the backdoor closed and locked from the outside?
check Are all exterior lights operational?
check Is parking lot area well-lit?
In Store 4 Questions
check Are all floors clear of slip, trip and fall hazards and debris?
check Does the store have adequate "caution wet floor" signs or cones?
check Is the first aid kit stocked with supplies that are easily accessible?
check Are fire extinguishers mounted and properly charged?
Employees 3 Questions
check Are employees adhering to proper footwear standards?
check Have employees completed all required safety training and certification?
check Can the Manager-in-charge correctly describe the closing procedures when exiting the location?
Cash Register/Safe 5 Questions
check Does the cash register have less than $150.00 in cash?
check Is the electronic safe set to time lock by closing time?
check Is the correct date and time displayed on the safe's keypad?
check Are both inner and outer doors to the safe locked?
check Does the manager in charge have his/her own safe key?
Alarm 2 Questions
check Do employees know the location of the hold-up alarm buttons?
check Does the manager have his/her own alarm code?