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This checklist can be used for periodic property security audits. Sections on this checklist are: Property details, Lighting, Doors and Windows, Building, Interior and Sign off.

Checklist Sections

24 Questions
Property Details 4 Questions
short_text Template Instructions
crop_7_5 Property Owner's Name
crop_7_5 Property Address
date_range Inspection Date
Lighting 4 Questions
check Perimeter lighting is adequate on all sides of each building
check Exterior adequately lit at all window and door areas
check All address numbers are well lit and visible at night
check All exterior building entrances are lit with at least a 75-watt bulb
Doors/Windows 3 Questions
check Trees/shrubbery have been trimmed and do not obscure doors and windows
check All door frames are strong and fit snugly around exterior door to prevent forced entry
check All exterior doors secured using a deadbolt lock
Building 3 Questions
check Perimeter is clear of all trees, shrubbery and weeds that can obscure building and fences
check Fences and gates are in good repair
check Parking lots are well-kept and free of debris
Interior 9 Questions
check Perimeter alarm used
check Office uses an intrusion alarm
check Office uses smoke/fire alarm
check All money is kept in safe
check Safe is anchored to the floor
check Safe door is operable and the combination is changed regularly
check All tools and equipment marked with a state D.L. or I.D. number
check Doors to office and/or outbuildings checked regularly by night patrol
crop_7_5 Who has the keys to the office and/or outbuildings
Sign Off 1 Question
crop_7_5 Property Inspected By