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Employee Shift Change Checklist


Checklist Sections

15 Questions
Outgoing Shift Responsibilities 8 Questions
short_text Template Instructions
check Have all assigned tasks been completed and documented?
check Is the cash register balanced and reconciled for the outgoing shift?
check Have any customer inquiries or complaints been addressed and resolved?
check Are all areas of the store clean and tidy, including restrooms and break areas?
check Have any maintenance issues or equipment malfunctions been reported to the appropriate personnel?
check Have keys, access cards, and other store belongings been handed over to the incoming shift?
check Have any important updates or information been communicated to the incoming shift?
Incoming Shift Preparation 7 Questions
check Have all incoming staff members arrived on time and ready to start their shifts?
check Has the incoming shift been briefed on any important updates, tasks, or events?
check Are all necessary supplies, equipment, and materials readily available for the incoming shift?
check Has the cash register been counted and verified to ensure accuracy for the new shift?
check Have any special instructions or requests from customers or management been communicated to the incoming shift?
check Is the store clean, organized, and ready to welcome customers for the new shift?
check Have any safety or security concerns been addressed and communicated to the incoming shift?