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Restaurant Closing Checklist


Checklist Sections

13 Questions
Kitchen and Food Storage 5 Questions
short_text Template Instructions
check Have kitchen surfaces, countertops, and prep stations been cleaned and sanitized?
check Are kitchen equipment and appliances, including grills, fryers, and slicers, clean and sanitized?
check Have refrigerators and freezers been checked and organized, with perishable items properly stored and labelled?
check Are food storage areas clean, organized, and free from spills or contamination?
Dining Area Cleanup 4 Questions
check Are all tables, chairs, and booths wiped down and cleaned?
check Has the floor in the dining area been swept and mopped?
check Are condiment holders, menus, and other tabletop items cleaned and sanitized?
check Have high-touch surfaces like door handles and light switches been wiped down?
Closing Procedures 4 Questions
check Have end-of-day cash reconciliation and sales reports been completed?
check Are all cash drawers balanced, and credit card transactions reconciled?
check Have security alarms and surveillance systems been activated?
check Have all doors and windows been securely locked, and is the restaurant perimeter properly secured?