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This form can be used to log new equipment after purchase. It will capture information like, purchase price, installer, maintenance schedule, etc. Having a database of new equipment and the associated information will make operations and maintenance much easier.

Checklist Sections

24 Questions
Equipment Details 5 Questions
looks_one Asset ID:
crop_7_5 Category:
crop_7_5 Sub-Category:
crop_7_5 Name:
crop_7_5 Location:
Manufacturer Details 4 Questions
crop_7_5 Description:
crop_7_5 Manufacturer:
crop_7_5 Model:
looks_one Serial Number:
Purchase Details 4 Questions
date_range Purchase Date:
crop_7_5 Purchased From:
looks_one Price:
date_range Warranty Expiry Date:
Installation Details 3 Questions
date_range Installation Date:
crop_7_5 Installed By:
crop_7_5 Equipment Location:
Service Requirements 4 Questions
crop_7_5 Service Frequency:
crop_7_5 Service Tasks:
date_range Next Service Date:
date_range Last Service Date:
Notes 1 Question
crop_7_5 Provide notes or any important information about this equipment:
Signatures 3 Questions
crop_7_5 Installed By:
crop_7_5 Company Representative's Name:
crop_7_5 Email a copy of the completed form to: